Friday, May 24, 2024

Shaldon Festival Outreach 2023

Montenegrin Guitar Duo

On the morning of Wednesday 21 June, the 2023 Festival outreach programme was held at Teignmouth Community School for around 20 students aged 11 – 18 years.

The Montenegrin Guitar Duo, classical guitarists Goran Krivokapić and Danijel Cerović, gave a special performance of Italian guitarist Carlo Domeniconi’s Circus Music for two guitars. It was a rapid journey through nine brief pieces, each displaying extraordinary guitar skills and a wonderful sense of humour: ‘The Argentinian Knife thrower’; ‘Spanish Riders on Greek Horses’; ‘The Wax Museum’; ‘Plik, the Flea of the Andes’; ‘Ural Magic Voice and the Don Cossaks’; ‘Fire Brigade “On Ice” ‘; ‘The Yogi who Disappears through the Key Hole’ and finally ‘The Orchestra Says Good-Bye.’

Following a Q & A opportunity, Goran and Danijel went on to give the students a taste of Piazzolla and Bach, pieces they were to perform at the evening concert in St Peter’s Church.

All in all a wonderful opportunity for the TCS students to hear these two eminent guitarists perform.